Rock the Boat – Over­view of our apps

High-qua­li­ty, fun lear­ning games? We got ’em!

Our apps – all the­med around Cap’n Port­crash and her pira­tey pals – take child­ren age four and up on a cra­zy, adven­tur­ous jour­ney into distant gala­xies and steer them easi­ly and bree­zi­ly towards the lear­ning objec­tives. The apps are based on our sci­en­ti­fi­cal­ly-under­pin­ned lear­ning sys­tem; that ensu­res an opti­mal lear­ning envi­ron­ment for your appren­ti­ce pira­tes. How did we do it? We’ll tell you:

Schrei­be uns ger­ne eine Fla­schen­post über unser Kon­takt­for­mu­lar und las­se uns wis­sen, was du von einer App für dein Kind erwar­test.

Our apps offer you:

  • Clear­ly defi­ned con­tents and lear­ning objec­tives

    So you know just what your kid can learn in our apps, we’­ve pre­cise­ly defi­ned the lear­ning objec­tives of each game – we’­re not going to sell you a pig­fish in a poke.

  • short levels

    Befo­re their eyes go squa­re, their litt­le necks get stiff, their brains shut down, befo­re that cell­p­ho­ne starts smo­king, we’ll collect your kid from the digi­tal world – and let’s be honest, you can always use a nice short level as a bar­gai­ning chip or reward, right?

  • Analog’s fine too

    Digi­tal stuff is super-duper, we all agree, but unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly our brains aren’t always that impres­sed. So after each level, we’­ve crea­ted the opti­on to car­ry on in ana­log mode. Exci­ting expe­ri­ments, enter­tai­ning exer­ci­ses, cap­ti­vat­ing craf­ting ide­as, or quir­ky colo­ring pages help your child to sail through the lear­ning pro­cess.

  • Ever­ything ship-shape

    Our apps are gua­ran­te­ed free of ads, free of in-app purcha­ses and  they’­re non-vio­lent – so you can lea­ve your litt­le var­mints alo­ne with them wit­hout worry­ing. Like we said: no pig­fish in pokes.

    damit du dei­nen klei­nen Racker auch mal allei­ne las­sen kannst, haben wir unse­re Apps ohne Wer­bung, ohne In-App-Käufe und ohne Gewalt kon­zi­piert – Kat­zen­haie im Sack gibt es bei uns nicht, haben wir ja schon erwähnt…

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