the gala­xy of musi­cal notes

Lear­ning to read music at ele­men­ta­ry school age

Treb­le clefs, bass clefs, the names and values of notes, as well as a hand­ful of tech­ni­cal terms, a music-rea­ding memo­ry game and just a pinch of cra­zi­ness – we’­ve packed them all into „The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notes“. At last you get all the mate­ri­al you need to teach child­ren to read music, all neat­ly par­ce­led up in cour­se­book to fit your cur­ri­cu­lum. No more sear­ching, com­pi­ling, and pre­pa­ring. And we offer a trai­ning unit that pre­pa­res you per­fec­t­ly for using „The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notes“ in your les­sons.


Mini Musi­cal

Once your class of litt­le mons­ters is com­ple­te­ly cra­zy about Cap’n Port­crash and her crew, we’­ve got a gre­at tip: order the mini musi­cal „Cap’n Port­crash® – Bar­be­cue Day“ and you’ll be the coo­lest crew at the school con­cert or varie­ty show. We’ll even sup­port you with a coa­ching ses­si­on via Sky­pe, at no extra cost, so the big sta­ge will hold no fears.

The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notes offers you:

  • Super for late­ral ent­rants and tea­chers with other spe­cial­ties

    It’s pret­ty irrele­vant whe­ther you can read music or not. We’­ve struc­tu­red „The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notes“ in such a way that you can sim­ply learn along with your class – and we’­re going to show you that in a (drum­roll) .….


  • Fort­bil­dung

    Come to our trai­ning ses­si­ons, which can be boo­ked direc­t­ly via our web­site, and we’ll show you how best to use „The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notees“ in class. It’s going to be a com­ple­te blast, pro­mi­se!


  • Com­bi­ned with down­loads

    What we’­ve crea­ted with the book is a basic tool that you or the children’s par­ents can expand with super down­loads at no extra cost – at last a living, fle­xi­ble, digi­tal teacher’s book for you.

  • less time pre­pa­ring les­sons

    Thanks to the nar­ra­ti­ve struc­tu­re of the tea­ching mate­ri­als we’­ve vast­ly redu­ced your workload, lea­ving you time for fruit cock­tails on the beach and for han­ging out in the ham­mock under palm trees. Tra­de les­son pre­pa­ra­ti­on for well­ness.