The Sto­ry of Port­crash

Who, how, whe­re and why the blithe­ring blob­fish, inde­ed!  We can ans­wer all tho­se ques­ti­ons here. Let’s set off right away and meet:


Mai­ke is the crea­ti­ve mind behind Cap’n Port­crash and her cra­zy crew of pira­tes. She’s the one who crea­tes the sto­ries, thinks up the extra­or­di­na­ri­ly long words and wields the paint­brushes and pens.

But don’t get the idea that Mai­ke has fluff for brains! With twen­ty years of expe­ri­ence in ele­men­ta­ry music pedago­gy  and instru­men­tal tea­ching, tog­e­ther with her stu­dies of Art and Music Pedago­gy at Bie­le­feld Uni­ver­si­ty, she has a firm foun­da­ti­on for offe­ring you a cool lear­ning sys­tem.

Mai­ke foun­ded her own school of Art and Music ten years ago while she was still a stu­dent, and tea­ches child­ren, teens and adults. She and her col­leagues have run ump­te­en pro­jec­ts in pre­schools and schools at all levels, with ever­ything from small groups to ent­i­re schools of up to 400 child­ren.

She has also been tea­ching music at a secon­da­ry school, the Städ­ti­sches Gym­na­si­um in Peters­ha­gen, for two years. Her father was an ele­men­ta­ry school princi­pal, so she’s well ver­sed in for­mal edu­ca­ti­on sys­tems and knows what’s important to tea­chers.

Port­crash is her second com­pa­ny, and she runs it par­al­lel to her music school.

The Lear­ning Sys­tem

A year ago, Mai­ke deci­ded to pour all her accu­mu­la­ted pro­fes­sio­nal expe­ri­ence into a cool lear­ning sys­tem for child­ren. She tried it out direc­t­ly in her cour­ses at pre­schools and in her music school. She has deve­lo­ped all the pro­duc­ts on lean princi­ples, in direct con­tact with custo­mers, and reac­ts quick­ly to feed­back.

The design, hap­tics and audio­vi­su­al con­tent Mai­ke has crea­ted draw on insights from neu­ro­sci­ence and lear­ning psy­cho­lo­gy to pro­vi­de child­ren with a per­fect foun­da­ti­on for lear­ning.

She has run split tests on many of the tea­ching units in the books and opti­mi­zed or exch­an­ged them on the basis of the results.

Thanks to the inter­lin­ked digi­tal and ana­log con­tents, „Rock the Boat with Cap’n Port­crash®“  offers a sta­te-of-the-art lear­ning expe­ri­ence, wit­hout losing sight of the most important aspec­ts of the lear­ning pro­cess. The emo­tio­nal attach­ment to the well-roun­ded cha­rac­ters makes lear­ning easy, and the gami­fi­ca­ti­on ele­ments add ple­nty of fun to the lear­ning sys­tem.

By means of emo­tio­nal, infor­mal and soma­tic lear­ning, child­ren are able to grasp even qui­te deman­ding con­tent with ease. The lear­ning pro­cess invol­ves ple­nty of move­ment and sto­ries, all with the com­for­ting reas­suran­ce that it’s fine to just try things out, rather than sim­ply being con­fron­ted with all the mate­ri­al that has to be learnt.

Cap’n Port­crash

Mai­ke inven­ted the cha­rac­ter Cap’n Port­crash in a Crea­ti­ve Wri­ting semi­nar while majo­ring in Eng­lish at col­le­ge. Sin­ce then, the two have been inse­pa­ra­ble. Mai­ke now cal­cu­la­tes ever­ything in hams­ter units, and Cap’n Port­crash has alrea­dy taken to the sta­ge in a mini musi­cal!

Cap’n Port­crash, they say, may have got her name becau­se (through a string of unfor­tu­n­a­te cir­cum­tan­ces) on the very day of her cox­wain exam, Mai­ke stee­red the port side of a coxed four rowing boat against a real­ly real­ly huge, real­ly real­ly green buoy, and may have flun­ked the exam as a result. But of cour­se, that’s just a rumor.

In the final exam of her minor sub­ject at uni­ver­si­ty, Art and Music Pedago­gy, Mai­ke pre­sen­ted the sto­ry of Res­cue Island and Bar­be­cue Day for the first time in an ani­ma­ted car­toon film she’d made as her exam pie­ce.

So you see, we’­re not exa­g­ge­ra­ting when we say Cap’n Port­crash has been all over the place alrea­dy.