Ahoy and wel­co­me aboard!

Rea­dy to board?


Who, how, whe­re and why the blithe­ring blob­fish, inde­ed!

We can ans­wer all tho­se ques­ti­ons here. Let’s set off right away:

Port­crash offers you cool stuff for fun lear­ning. (We call it ‚gami­fied edu­ca­ti­on‘ becau­se that sounds mega fan­cy, plus we could­n’t fit all the rest under the logo.)

So all aboard for a cra­zy crui­se round our home port. Come and find out why lear­ning with us is going to be a fun­ky pira­te-lim­bo-hula-boo­gie par­ty with lashings of fruit cock­tails!

Round cha­rac­ters and sto­ry­tel­ling for easy and bree­zy fun lear­ning.


Click on Deck­scrub­ber and get to know the crew!

Gami­fi­ca­ti­on fresh as a fledgling floun­der.


Click on the hams­ter and get to know the Hams­ter­dri­ve!

Our design, hap­tics and audio­vi­su­al con­tent draw on insights from neu­ro­sci­ence and lear­ning psy­cho­lo­gy to pro­vi­de a per­fect foun­da­ti­on for lear­ning. We are no dumb­fish after all!


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Set sail for our shop and take a look at our pro­duc­ts!

for examp­le:

The Gala­xy of Musi­cal Notes

learn to read music – the fun way

Inclu­des memo­ry game, brow­ser­ga­me to train your ear
and cool tunes to sing and rock along!


mega­cool merch-stuff

ship­s­hape shirts in all sizes

Also avail­ab­le for grown-up pira­tes!


Pirate­par­ty Vol.1

Song­book (avail­ab­le in Ger­man only)

Down­load, print and par­ty on!


More pira­tey fun stuff com­ing soon so stay tuna­fish-tun­ed!